Gorilla Private Equity


Established in September 2017, by professionals from Bain & Company and KPMG.
Gorilla PE focuses on PE and late stage VC investments,
pursues long-term value creation rather than short-term return on investment.

Our Vision

‘Gorilla’ is the term used to describe an entity that exerts
dominance in a monopolistic fashion throughout its spheres of business influence.
We aim to be a Gorilla of the investments industry.
Our distinctive investment methodology is derived from unique ideas
and insightful analysis.

Our Mission

To build a portfolio that propagates
long term strategic value through
our investment platform

To utilize the extensive professional
capabilities in consulting and M&A of
our team, as well as our extensive
network of technopreneurs, multi-national
corporations, capital partners and high profile
individuals to leverage unique opportunities

To develop creative business
and governance models that fulfill the
needs of our clients and investors whilst
remaining professional and transparent

To generate outsize
financial returns

Investment Philosophy

'Gorilla' means a dominant, market-leading firm in the industry. We, ourselves not only pursue to be the 'Gorilla'
in the investment sector, but also invest in companies of great potentials to be the next 'Gorilla' in their market.

Defining the market precisely and finding the segment leader is the key theme of our investment.
Better return and risk management also follows with the segment market leadership.

With an impeccable re-defining of the market, we analyze the key success factors, growth potentials,
and sustainable competitiveness of our potential 'Gorilla.'

Risk is also minimized with 'Gorilla.' In every investment, risks do exist, sometimes not always visible;
we believe successful investment is about managing risk, not avoiding one.
Market leading firm has better risk management skills and flexibility. Our investment professionals are dedicated towards the
reliable growth in the targeted market, hedging the downside risk.


Gorilla PE, Inc.

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